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Every Zip Code Has A Story.

The world today is divided about what is going on and how to move forward.

In this podcast from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, we share the stories of people navigating the unique economic situations in their communities. They face issues we hear about every day, but like the rest of us, strive to raise families, have careers, and make contributions.

At the end of the day, these stories are ultimately stories of people, their economies, and most vividly, their communities. They are then, by definition, stories of hope. Please join us.

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Firebaugh Introduction

At the heart of California’s Central Valley, Firebaugh’s economy has revolved around agricultural for over a century, drawing in generations of immigrants. Firebaugh remains a small, close-knit community where over 97% of youth go on to pursue higher education.

East Palo Alto Introduction

Only 2.64 square miles, East Palo Alto is bordered by more affluent Silicon Valley neighbors on all sides. In the face of a dramatically shifting economic landscape, residents are finding creative ways to maintain their community’s identity and way of life.

Salt Lake City Introduction

Since 1848, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has played a central role in Salt Lake City’s culture and economy. Today, while the church remains influential, newcomers and the proliferation of a “Silicon Slopes” tech startup culture is bringing about noticeable change.

Honolulu Introduction

A “beef stew” of diverse cultures, Honolulu has cemented its role as a major financial center of Hawaii and the western U.S. A unique relationship between K-12 schools and the public university system ensures a fairly steady pipeline for youth into higher education.

San Diego Introduction

San Diego is a prime example of a “cross-border” community in southern California, where the local economy is truly international in scope. Similar to other large West Coast cities, San Diego has sought unique approaches in addressing housing affordability, access to education, and income inequality.